Under 16 Girls Continue their unbeaten run v Clontarf 2013-04-17 07:39:00

Naomh Barrog u16s Girls Football continue their unbeaten run with a performance made up of commitment ,skill, a great deal of pride and courage. The parents of the girls on this team must be very proud to see the effort that they put into their matches.

With Sean giving our new goalkeeper Megan R some encouragement the tone for the rest of the game was set when she made some outstanding saves . Lauren stepped in as captain for the day and had us playing with the wind in the first half. We asked the girls to try and put a good first half score up on the board and so they did - point after point and then a couple of goals - one of which must be accredited to Paddy. Barrog came forward at every opportunity and with quick hand passing and some great inter play the score at half time was 3-8 to 0.2. This didn't tell half the story. When Clontarf broke through the defence on a number of occasions there was some last ditch defending. Megan with a one handed save to tip the ball over the bar and Kate with a block of epic proportions to stop a certain goal being scored. In most games forwards get the praise with the scores but our defence is as mean as they come and if the clontarf team broke through there was always someone who was willing to put their body on the line to prevent the score.

2nd half started and Clontarf were putting us under pressure and they scored a couple of quick points. The barrog girls were unfazed. Laura and Megan D matching the clontarf scores point for point. As the wind picked up and clontarf began to dominate in the winning the ball first - the defence stepped up their game and continually thwarted the clontarf girls at every opportunity.

Everyone one the players showed was outstanding but we need to step our game up another level now as all the other teams will be wary of us.

From Anthony, Eddie and Robbie







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